From an overall perspective, the logo “Huaxin” looks like a rising sun, standing for a prospective and developing enterprise.
The main structure is made up of letter “H”& “X”, mixed by the first letter of company name, therefore means the mixed culture and united minds. It also reflects Huaxin Group collects coal, coke and chemical as a whole industrial chain. The outer loop of the logo stands for cyclic development, recyclable resource and eco-friendly for all the group.



To explore an initiative way to use coke oven gas, and guide the industrial upgrade.
To become a demonstrated enterprise as in the whole industry.

Key Philosophies:

Accountability, Contribution, Self-improvement, Growth-sharing

Accountability is our long-standing belief.
As an enterprise that embraces accountability, we create wealth for the advancement of society, stay true to our word, and move forward with society. As employees who embrace accountability, we have a strong sense of company ownership. We believe the positive development of the enterprise is our personal responsibility.
Value creation is one of our central goals.
As an enterprise that upholds value creation, we focus on maximizing enterprise value, and providing quality products and services. As employees who uphold value creation, we strive to create value for the enterprise and to support its sound development through high performance.
Self-improvement is our continuous pursuit.
As a self-improving enterprise, we aim high, think innovatively and persistently strive for improvement. As self-improving employees, we are perseverant, ibrave to break through, and are fueled by self-motivation to take on new challenges one after another.
Growth-sharing is our continuous driving force.
As an enterprise that believes in collaboration and sharing, we value and inspire our people so they can also benefit from our growth. As employees who believe in collaboration and sharing, we contribute our knowledge and skills to the growth of Huaxin Group, while enriching ourselves and discovering our values